Chris Broussard has a warning for the Houston Rockets

– I don’t like petty people. I would like to congratulate Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City for make– clinching a playoff berth last night–

– I sense sarcasm.

– –in game 81. By the way, they just clinched a spot, they didn’t clinch a number one seed, they didn’t clinch home court advantage.

– Have you seen the West?

– Yes.

– Every team is like this.

– I’ll get to that in a second. In the easiest professional league in America to get to the playoffs, in their 81st game, they clinched a spot. Oklahoma City’s tied for the 11th best record in the NBA with a Hall of Famer, and All-Star, an MVP, and one of the few legit bigs in the league.

But this is what really interesting– Oklahoma City won as many games last year? Wait– what? What? They added two All-Stars from the East, one in his prime, Paul George. He was the best player on a playoff team. Melo was the best player on a bad team, and he’ll be a Hall of Famer. And they didn’t get even a game better?

Here’s also something that’s not been discussed by the Westbrook sycophants, fanboys, and pompom wavers– Oklahoma City has been the healthiest team in the West. Their four best players all played 75 games or more. Houston’s didn’t, Golden State’s didn’t, San Antonio’s didn’t, Utah’s didn’t.

Hm, it’s interesting, isn’t it? Only Toronto can make that claim in the entire league. But Toronto took advantage of all that health, they’re the number one seed in the East. Oklahoma City added two All-Stars, one in their prime. The East was riddled with injuries, the West was riddled with injuries, and they’re not a game better than last year.

Think about Utah for a second. I’m glad Christine brought that up. Utah plays in the West. The West is better. I can’t wait to watch the Western playoffs. Eastern playoffs, not as much.

Utah lost Gordon Hayward. He was their best player before the season. Their second best player is Rudy Gobert. He missed 30 games. They traded their second– third best player, Rodney Hood. They’re led by a rookie, and they finished above Oklahoma City.

And Oklahoma City’s going to have three Hall of Famers. Westbrook’s going to make the Hall. Melo drives me crazy– going to make the Hall. And Paul George has six years left in this NBA– six years. He’s going to make the Hall of Fame.

KRISTINE LEAHY: You realize that seeds four through eight or all within a game and a half of each other? So the difference with the fourth and eighth seed is a game and a half.

– Three Hall of Famers, and it shouldn’t be close. Three Hall of Famers should not be clinching in any conference in game 81. Go look at the Utah Jazz. Lost their best player, their second one missed a third of the season, their third was traded, and they’re led by a 19-year-old in the unbelievable West. Oklahoma City added two All-Stars.

And by the way, the one guy that left, Victor Oladipo, have you noticed will win most improved player of the year. He was 14 a game next to Westbrook in the backcourt. He is now an All-Star. Am I a Westbrook hater or a Westbrook realist? I’ll go with the latter.

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